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Ironman 4x4 is now making storage more versatile with their single drawer units.

These new single drawer units are ideal to store food, camping gear, even recovery items, tools or things that should be locked up. They are strong and offer a locked, safe storage solution. Being Fully marine carpet lined internally, the drawer offers protection around the gear you put in there and ensures nothing rattles against the side of the drawer.

These units can be installed into almost any wagon, ute, or caravan and a wing kit from the twin drawer system can be used to finish them off neatly. In a wagon, it can be utilised whilst allowing one rear seat to remain in place. It allows your fridge to be left at floor level, or a fridge slide can be added to the top making all your gear on one neat side. For the ute, these can go in the tray or tub, they can go across the tray if you would like side access, and in a caravan it can be fitted into the external storage area.

Designed using the same construction and mounting methods as the twin systems, the single drawer units provide a modular method for storage where a twin system wont suit, or wanting flexibility.


  • 100kg drawer rating
  • Perfect for wagons, utes, trailers and caravans
  • Lockable and safe storage system
  • T-Lock handles for easy opening and closing
  • All internal walls and base of drawer lined with UV stabilised heavy duty  black marine grade carpet
  • Cross folded drawer floor
  • Body made from 2mm galvanised sheet
  • Drawer made from 1.5mm galvanised sheet
  • 12mm marine grade plywood top, lined with UV stabilised heavy duty  black marine grade carpet
  • Large bearings for smoother opening and closing
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Mounting hardware included


Child restraint points - Yes
Drawer Weight Capacity - 100kg
Drawer Length - 1240mm
Drawer Height - 206mm
Drawer Width - 425mm
Notes - Designed to suit factory tubs, will not suit ute liner without modification.

For more information, contact the team at Discover 4x4, stockist and fitter of Ironman 4x4 Locksafe Drawer Systems and accessories in Melbourne.

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