To accompany our led light strips, Ironman 4x4 is now releasing an LED Light Strip Dimmer. 

Used to adjust the brightness of your LED Strips, Ironman 4x4’s dimmer provides you with more control over the intensity of your lighting from your LED Light Strips. Perfect for providing a more comfortable, less intense light that can be used to relax around without taking away from the ambiance of your campsite and fire. 

The dimmer is compatible with both the LED Light Strips in our Instant Awnings and the LED Light Strips that we sell separately. 

The dimmer is an inline adapter that can be added to any ironman 4x4 LED light strip product without modification, helping perfect your camping and 4wd setup.


For more information, contact the team at Discover 4x4, stockist and fitter of Ironman 4x4 Camping Lighting and accessories in Melbourne.

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