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The Ironman 4x4 Awning 12V LED Light Strip and Dimmer Set provides all the light you need in and around your campsite, or awning without cluttering valuable bench space with lanterns and torches.

The Awning 12V LED Light Strip and Dimmer Set is mounted to a high performance 280gsm Ripstop poly cotton fabric, featuring an integrated sail track mounting solution.

With 3m of wire it is easy to locate the light strip in your ideal position by simply attaching to any standard sail track or placing the light strip around your vehicle, camp site, boat or caravan. Rated to IP68 assures that this light strip will provide light even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Control the intensity of your lighting from the light strip with the accompanying Ironman 4x4 Dimmer. The dimmer provides a more comfortable, less intense light that can be used to relax around without taking away from the ambiance of your camp site and fire. The dimmer is compatible with both the LED light strip included in the range of Instant Awnings and the LED Light Strip that are sold separately.

The Ironman 4x4 Awning 12V LED Light Strip and Dimmer Set is a low power lighting solution that ensures you will have a well-lit camp for nights on end without worry.

• 1.2m LED light strip
• 3m wire with cigarette lighter and switch
• Built in sail track compatibility
• Rating IP68


For more information, contact the team at Discover 4x4, stockist and fitter of Ironman 4x4 Awnings and accessories in Melbourne.

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